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"When prestige and quality combined..."

Premium Sustainable Solutions, LLC


Custom Branding


Increase Revenue

Premium Sustainable Solutions LLC

Premium Sustainable Solutions bottles and distributes branded, premium spring water in refillable glass bottles. We provide the highest quality products and best-in- class service so that our customers can maximize their brand, profitability and reach their goals for sustainability.

Premium Sustainable Solutions products are sold exclusively to high-end restaurants, hotels, resorts and offices.

Our model is simple – much like the milkman deliveries of the past. On a pre-
determined schedule, our team delivers branded bottles filled with spring and sparkling spring water and at the same time picks up the empty bottles that have been served to your guests.

These empty bottles are then transported to our facility in North Las Vegas where the bottles are cleaned utilizing customized cleaning and sterilization process, refilled and security sealed.

The full bottles are then returned to your facility and the process repeats itself.

Premium Sustainable Solutions, LLC

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